13 December 2008

Open University - story so far

I can never find this:
Open university first class server address: oufcnt2.open.ac.uk This is handy:
My results so far...
T175 "Networked living: exploring information and communication technologies" - (89/94)
MST121 "Using Mathematics" - (94/92)
M150 "Data, computing and information" - (OCAS 95)
M253 "Team working in distributed environments" - (78/86)
M255 "Object-oriented programming with Java" - (91/96) Distinction M256 "Software development with Java" - (86/95) Distinction M257 "Putting Java to work" - (87/96) Distinction
M263 "Building blocks of software" - (82/97) Distinction M362 "Developing concurrent distributed systems" - (88/95) Distinction
M366 "Natural and Artificial Intelligence" - (93/96) Distinction

Starting early 2009: M359 "Relational databases: theory and practice" M363 "Software engineering with objects" M450 "The computing project"


  1. Now thats what I call an impressive list of Distinctions!

    Curious to know what your thought of M366. I'll guess that you quite enjoyed it, judging by your results, but what I'd like to know is what the course really covered. I've read the description on the OU pages, but that doesn't tell me enough.
    Its one of those courses that sounds as though it should be really interesting, and I have it ear-marked for when I get back to studying.

    Anyway, good luck with M359 (I did that course on its first presentation - say no more!). And good luck with your project.

  2. Thanks. I'm pretty good at cramming for exams, though it nearly kills me each time.

    I quite liked M366. I did a post on it when the results came in. I was looking forward to the AI course before I even started the degree, it seemed the most geeky and old-style computer science course on offer. I say "quite", as there is also a lot of waffle. "Philosophy of AI", I labelled it as.

    Most folk found it very very tough. I think they made changes after the first presentation though. I read around the subjects a lot, and I went the extra 200 miles for the TMAs that had any coding aspect.