10 March 2018

f2 button no wifi radio Dell XPS 12 9Q33

Reinstalling windows 10 on my old laptop, and I remembered what a fuss it is.

If your wifi doesn't work,  it might be because pressing Fn+F2 has no effect. Usually for F* buttons, you need to install the Dell QuickSet utility, but for the F2 button you need to install the "Dell Airplane mode switch driver", from the file "Network_Driver_PX8MM_WIN64 1.0.0 A00.EXE".

If you look in "device drivers" you'll notice at least one unrecognised device before you install it.

Dell's community site has locked all the threads on this, with the proposed solution of using the on-screen keyboard (doesn't work) or getting a new keyboard (doesn't work if your just missing a driver.).

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